Sardinia - The Legend

We are on our way to Sardinia and the plane lands in Olbia. From this island the passage goes to Corsica. The islands are very different and we split our report.


When we arrived at the rental-car-office in the airport of Olbia there is total chaos. Probably ten companies offer cars for rent. After a while we collected our Fiat Panda and took the way to Ecoparco Neule on a mountain. The road is partially a bit rocky. You need to arrive in this place also mentally and switch the brain to idle. The audience is international and spends the night either in in the RV, in the tent or in the bungalow (like us). 

A lake belongs to the Ecoparco, where we took a ride with a boat together with other guests. The skipper showed us installations how the quality of the water is monitored. He took a cup of water from the sea and showed it around. He got shocked when it took the cup and drank the water. He was looking very irritated. He stopped at a mountain and showed a small chapel on it. We climbed up to it. For lunch he fixed the boat with a line to the rocks and set up a very nicy sardinian buffet in the boat for the entire group of people. After the boat-ride we went back to the camp to chill and rest or riding horses if you like. The night finished with a nice barbeque for all guests at big tables.

Cala Coloritze is described as one of the nicest beaches on the island. This was the destination for today and on the way we went through the Braunei Nature-Parc, where wild pigs and donkeys are living and moving free. We parked the car and started the way to the beach. As naiv urbans we took one bottle of water (0,7 l) with us. The guide at the entrance just noticed our sneakers. The step-up started at noon and full sun. Walking uphill was ok, on the other side we went down hill. But now more and more people passed us on their return way from the beach. I don't know who of them was really at the beach, but everybody told us: only 20 minutes left to arrive. It was simple to walk down and we could always see the sea. I started to become nervous when i looked at the level of water in the bottle. Also i was afraid about every meter we walked to down we had to walk up again. We did not know, how far or how close we were to the beach but at some point we decided to return. I got a movie in my mind about people in the desert, when the remaining amount of water is shrinking. We met people who gave us a bottleof water as a gift, someone else gave us a portion of Nutella to protect against hypoglycemia. Finally the return step-up went faster then expected and from the peak of the mountain we could see the parking lot with the restaurant. From there on our feet started to fly. When we arrived the restaurant, we met the family who gave us the water. We fall in their arms and gave them a big thank you. We will remember the cold drinks in that restaurant for ever.      

The northern peak of the island is a paradise for yachtsmen. Porto Cervo is a mekka for yachtsmen from all over the wordl when they think about mediterranean sea. The spot has a truly caribian flair. Close by is the village Stintino. I could spent lot of time in the marina of Porto Cervo for watching. One thing to consider that the entire complexe is a bit aged from the 70ies. On the other side it is all well maintained and not as sterile as some of the modern marinas. You can feel some charme.

This museum is worth to visit with its unique shape and it is listed in all guides. We passed by accident and found directly a parking place opposite. This can be a challenge during high season. You need to watch your step and the head, it is very narrow and tight. A competent young women provided us with information. This hous is a landmark because of it's "installation" in the rock and fascinating to look at. Next stop was the historical city of Alghero.

Another wunderfull day guided us to the islandworld of the archipel La Maddalena. We passed the embankment to the island Caprera. It is the Casa Museo de Garibaldi where we visited the last place of the national hero Guiseppe Garibaldi (1807 - 1882). He spent his last years here and has been buried here also.

On our way back we discovered another highlight. Capo Testa is a fascinating settlement of rocks and is named "the cemetary of rocks" (cimitero dispassi). The waves of the sea are clashing permanently on the rocks and create huges breakers (5 - 7 m high). It is a fantastic spectacle of mother nature. Next day we needed to say bye bye to Sardinia, as we wanted to move with the car-ferry from Santa Teresa to Bonifacio on Corsica (about 12 km distance). More about that in the Corsica report.   

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