Singapore - The Urban Green City  

Singapore is the city which we liked at all from the begin on. It is not only busy but very vibrant. And probably one of the expensive places in the world. It is a city for urban people anyhow there are lot of parks und gardens and it is one of the greenest cities in Asia. It was easy to fly in from  Langkawi and we spent 4 days in the Marriott hotel in the city. The benefit of the hotel is the direct access to the underground beside the entry of the hotel lobby. The ticket mashines are easy to operate. Not to compare with the challenge when you want to buy a ticket in our home town with the endless number fo different zones and levels.    


First destination: the Marine Bay Sands Hotel of course.

The underground has a direct station in the hotel. The Loby is unbelievable spacious and busy with many people moving around. It is all organized and easy to find direction. The lift to the panorama platform on the top is not cheap, but it is a must. The world famous infinity pool is only accessabloe for hotel residents. Who knows, we will come back and may spend our last coins in this place. We recognized, that the view was not clear but a bit foggy. More about this in our story about Malaysia.

They have Hop-On-Hop-Off-Buses here as well, so we used them to meet the city. This is in our opinion the best and time-effective choice, to see the most interesting spots in a short time. Afterwards we deside, where we want to look more detailed. And we could see the difference between new and old parts of the city.

The other hotel with the opposite kind of style is the Raffles-Hotel, which has kept its place, style and charme 1:1 from the former times into today. Recently i have watched the TV movie "House of Harmony" which is based on the book from Barbara Wood. A couple of takes were made in this shotel. Around the hotel are a some nice shops including a Leica-Store with a remarkable Foto-Gallery. It is worth to spend some time at the hotel and the surrounding to feel the atmosphere.  

Garden by the bay is another highlight on an artificial peninsula. You can walk on a skywalk arround 18 funnel-shaped super-trees. The construction is about 50 m high, planted with flours and provides a magnificent view at day and night. There are very polied guides on the skywalk to give you help. After return we could listen to our stomach.

In the chinese quarter we found the Buddha Tooth Relic temple & museum. It has been new build in 2007 and shows treasuries of the Buddhistic culture. We recommend to spend time there.

We listened, that there is a laser show every night, arranged by the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. We could not miss that. After our evening snack in the hotel lounge we used the underground and arrived the bay 15 minutes later. On the countryside of the bay has been established the business destrict. Here is another historic hotel, which is quite often to see on images from Singapore. The Fullerton is located directly at the bay  and nereby has rised a waterfront zone with fancy bars and restaurants. Fantastic to sit here at night and watch the laser-show.

Next historical spot is behind the old Cavenagh-Bridge. This bridge was named first  Cavenagh-Bridge and been renamed later honoring Gouvernor Major Cavenagh. The bridge is from the colonial times and brings us to the Asian Civilisation Museum. The current exhibition was "Secrets of the fallen Pagoda". After that we got hungry again.     

Back to the Garden by the Bay, this time to Cloud Forrest and the Flower Dome. The arrangement is unbelievable and you can not stop to be amazed. If you take all these gardens (Garden by the bay, Flower Dome and Cloud Forrest) together, you realize the green character of this huge city. With this highlight we finished our visit and went back to Malaysia. More about that in the next chapter. We want to come back to stay in the Bay Sands and the Infinity Pool..  

So bye, bye Singapore, we will be back!!

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